Welcome to Consolata School website and hope you will enjoy the information presented here. As the principal of the school from April 2010, I have been impressed by the passion displayed by the students, staff and parents for the School. Their passion for the school is felt all over, setting a lively and conducive environment for learning.

Consolata School is a leading institution of learning both in academic, discipline and extracurricular activities. We give value to holistic education by constantly developing teaching and learning strategies and pastoral care initiatives that foster growth to our students. In this way our students develop attributes such as honesty, gentleness, purity of heart and mind, responsibility, independence, flexibility, concern and respect for others, leadership and strong moral values.

For sure this websites is a useful source of information about Consolata School, but I do believe by visiting and touring our school you will be in a position to fully understand why Consolata is so well known as a place of outstanding educational offerings. I therefore invite you to browse this site and contact us should you require more information about
Fr Caroli Ouma Ogeda, Principal

  • Consolata Nursery School, the child is put on a quality learning journey designed to support the unique ways in which
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  • 3.3.1. Secondary School Program• The school follows the 8-4-4 system of Education and children are prepared for the K.C.S.E. (Kenya
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  • • The school follows the 8-4-4 system of Education and children are prepared for the K.C.P.E.(Kenya Certificate of Primary education). The
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Quote of the Day

"One of the most important keys to Success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you dont feel like doing it.”

-Anatole France.


Upcoming events

Event: Parents/teachers
    Form 1 – 4, std. 8 seminar
Date: 26th January, 2014

Event: School Annual Sports Day
Date: 15th March, 2014

Event: Std. 1 Parents’ Day
Date: 22nd March, 2014


26th May - Stardand one Interviews 2015

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